New password

With the "New password" service you can create an initial Neptun password. In addition, you can change your existing password if you forgot it. For security reasons you can use this service only when your data in Neptun meets several requirements. You have to type in these personal data during this process.

In order to use this service your following data must be recorded in Neptun:

    • e-mail address
    • date of birth
    • mother's birth name
    • permanent address (with postcode)
    • ID card number
    • passport number
    • driving licence number
    • hungarian social security number (TAJ)
    • hungarian tax identification number
    • hungarian admission identification number (found on, only for freshmen)

All data from the first group are required to be recorded in Neptun. From the second group it is enough to have three fields filled in with data already, except for freshmen who need the permanent address and the admission identification number only, and for foreigners (who have nor hungarian permanent address nor hungarian citizenship) it is enough to have two of any fields from this group filled in.

You can request for a new password by personal attendance at our customer service at the Quaestura Office.