Courses for international guest/part time students



... Title (code) Usual Published ECTS Lang. ...
Adapted physical education and sport (ERA-1088) Autumn 4 en
Braille and Moon – tactile writings for the blind (ERA-1078) Autumn 4 en
Cognitive Development (ERA-1114) Autumn 5 en
Deafblindness education and rehabilitation aspects (ERA-1048) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Disability in Fiction, Disability in Music and Disability as Lived Experience An introduction to Cultural Disability Studies (ERA-1095) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Independent living and community based services (ERA-1113) Autumn 4 en
Introduction to Human Rights, Social Inclusion, Diversity (ERA-1111) Both 2022/23/2 6 en
Introduction to Rehabilitation Medicine (ERA-1118) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Introduction to Special Education in Hungary (ERA-872) Both 2022/23/2 4 en
Motivational Issues in Special Education (ERA-1061) Autumn 4 en
New Empirical Findings on General Learning Disabilities and Behavioural Problems (ERA-1112) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Recreation, Leisure and free time Activities in the Lives of Persons with Disabilities (ERA-1079) Both 2022/23/2 4 en
Selected sub-areas of speech therapy: communication, speech and language education in Hungary (ERA-1107) Autumn 4 de
Special Intervention Methods in the Education of Children with Intellectual Disabilities (ERA-1068) Autumn 7 de
Support Inclusion Through Art(s) Based Methods (ERA-1115) Autumn 4 en
Topics in Cognitive Psychology (ERA-1117) Spring 2022/23/2 5 en