Courses for international guest/part time students



... Title (code) Usual Published ECTS Lang. ...
Academic Writing (EDUM-104) Autumn 2022/23/2 3 en
Basics of SPSS (PPK-NEV:270) Both 3 en
Child, family, institutions (PEDB17-104) Autumn 5 hu
Childhood, family and schooling in films (PPK-NEV:305) Both 5 en
Cognitive Psychology (EDUM-114) Spring 2022/23/2 3 en
Creative Scientific Writing & Content Creation (PPK-NEV:328) Autumn 2 en
Developmental Psychology (PEDB22-108) Spring 2022/23/2 5 en
Education, Economy and Law (EDUM-108) Autumn 3 en
Education Policy and Technology (EDUM-ET-107) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Educational Movements and Pedagogy in the 19-20. Centuries (PEDB17-121) Spring 2022/23/2 3 en
Educational psychology (PEDB17-119) Both 5 en
Educational Social Psychology (EDUM-113) Autumn 3 en
English Essay writing (PPK-NEV:324) Both 2
English For Professional Communication (PEDB17-128:7) Both 3
European integration and education (PPK-NEV:252) Spring 2022/23/2 5 en
Games-based Learning and Technology (EDUM-ET-109) Autumn 2022/23/2 4 en
Gender and sexuality in school (PPK-NEV:277) Both 5
History of Pedagocical Problems and Comparative Education (EDUM-102) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
ICT in teaching (PEDB17-126) Both 2022/23/2 5 en
Inclusive Pedagogy (PPK-NEV:332) Both 2022/23/2 4 en
Instructional Design and Development 1. (Blended Learning Environments) (EDUM-ET-103) Autumn 2022/23/2 5 en
Instructional Design and Development 2. (Online Learning Environments) (EDUM-ET-104) Autumn 4 en
Introduction to Hungarian culture and society (PPK-NEV:301) Both 2022/23/2 2 en
Learning and Development in Organization (EDUM-EM-101) Autumn 3 en
Learning and teaching (PEDB17-122) Spring 2022/23/2 5 hu
Learning and Teaching Theories (EDUM-109) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Learning Environments (EDUM-112) Autumn 3 en
Learning Organization (EDUM-111) Spring 2022/23/2 3 en
Multimedia and Digital Storytelling in Education (EDUM-ET-110) Autumn 2022/23/2 4 en
Operation and Management of (Educational) Organisations (EDUM-EM-108) Autumn 4
Philosophy of Education, Theories in Education Science (EDUM-103) Autumn 4 en
Problem Based Learning (EDUM-110) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Programme Design and Assessment (EDUM-EM-104) Spring 2022/23/2 5 en
Research Method 1. (EDUM-106) Autumn 3 en
Research on Educational Technology (EDUM-ET-105) Autumn 2022/23/2 4 en
Strategic Management (EDUM-EM-106) Autumn 5
Technology-based Assessment and Evaluation (EDUM-ET-108) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
The Social and Anthropological Bases of Educational Sciences (EDUM-101) Autumn 4 en
The Theory and Practice of Teaching and Learning with Technology (EDUM-ET-101) Autumn 2022/23/2 4 en
Theory and Methodology of Research in Educational Sciences (EDUM-105) Autumn 3 en
Theory of Education Systems (EDUM-107) Autumn 3 en
Theory of Governance and Management in Education (EDUM-EM-105) Autumn 4
Transforming Education Through Emerging Technologies (EDUM-ET-106) Spring 2022/23/2 4 en
Visit and Analysis of School Practices (PPK-NEV:327) Both 2 en
Workshop 1.: Orientation (EDUM-EM-102) Spring 2022/23/2 7 en
Workshop 2.: Development (EDUM-EM-203) Autumn 7
Workshop 3.: Expert on the Field (EDUM-EM-207) Spring 2022/23/2 6 hu